It seems that my work needs to evolve. If I want models to want to work with me, I need to broaden my subject matter – to push my artwork where it’s never gone before: clothed photoshoots.

As for existing clothed work, it’s mostly been portraiture. To tell the truth, I haven’t done all that much, because I’ve found it boring. Which is why I’m much more comfortable calling myself an art photographer than a commerical or editorial photographer.

Most of it was favors for friends, the occasional promotional headshot for film and stage work, here and there, a book jacket and pageant entry photos.

I had taken a break from shooting with models, of any sort, to focus on mototsports, but even that took a backseat to getting married and starting a family.

So, now it feels like I’m starting from scratch, again. I’m going to start doing more experimental clothed (fashion?) work, soon, mostly playing with light and motion. My nudes are heavily reminiscent of Weston’s tonality and Cunningham’s abstraction and formalism (I can’t say ‘influenced by’ as I found them after I began shooting in that style). I’ll probably pull some of that into the ‘fashion-y’ type shoots, but I kind of want to play with some of the bright colors and high energy from my motorsports work.

I’ve been doing a fair bit of location scouting — I think I want the clothed work to stand out from my figure studies by keeping them out of the studio, whenever possible and doing the opposite with the nudes.

I’m also intrigued by the idea of a psuedo-Nan Goldin-esque documentary style, using available light — though probably with a more gradient tone of light.