Let’s get this (kick)started

Have you been wondering what all this “TwinLens” stuff is?

It’s my attempt at mashing-up art and social science research to document and artistically explore the models’ motivations and cultural attitudes and to provide a primer on modern art theories as they pertain to the female art nude in photography.

TwinLens poster frame - Bunny Lynch holding a Yashica TLR

TwinLens began as an experiment to tell a story through two different visual mediums.

It was one of those ‘hm, that’s a cool idea,’ thoughts that rarely, if ever, gets written down, let alone actually started.

As the project has rolled along, I realized that to increase the demographic breadth, I would need to work with traveling, professional art models, in addition to those professionals, amateurs and aspiring-professional models closer to home, which has caused the project costs to skyrocket…

Which is why I’ve launched a Kickstarter project to fund the completion of TwinLens: An Exploration of the Art Nude & Global Culture. Visit the project to lend your support and help spread the word.