Ready to Copy?

I recently came across a handful of my photos on a couple of porn sites.

I’ve had photos stolen before… sometimes with attribution, mostly without. But this, was different. They’d managed to mangle the image by deleting my watermark and then slapped their own URLs all over the image.

Look, I’m not going to ape the MPAA and claim, hyperbolically, that reposting a copyrighted photo, without permission, is akin to armed robbery, or grand-theft (auto)…

But it is taking what’s not yours…

And it does hurt me.

If you like my photograph so much that you want to show it off to the world, take a few seconds to ask me first, or at the least, link back to me and copy the credits of all the other people involved in making the photograph.

The reason that credits are important is this: if no one knows who is in making the photograph, no one’s going to be able to search me (or the model) out. If someone wants to work with me, but has no idea who made the photo, well, I’m S-O-L. Models drop out of the biz all the time, especially in this market, where most are college students and only model for 6 months to a year, before they tire of the game.

Sooner or later, I’ll have no one to work with. Especially if I get a reputation for letting my models show-up on porn sites.

I don’t make any money off my photography (in fact, I blow about $1,000 a month on it, between models, studio rent and equipment — money that could otherwise be used to put me back on the racetrack, or take the kids on vacation). I do it because I like adding a little beauty to the world.

It’s disheartening and discouraging when people steal my work. And I’m not alone in that opinion.

One thought on “Ready to Copy?

  1. I’ve only just come across your stream, and I like it. There is a HUGE difference between art and porn,especially for the photographer. Porn is just tittivation and entertainment, but art takes hard work, thought and care to craft. No matter what you do, a photographer can only love the image until it is released into the wild, then it is on its own. The only thing you can do is stop posting anything (shame) or throw a huge watermark across the image (pity). Whatever you do, dont stop creating what is in your passionate heart to do because of someone else!

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