the point of no return

Though I’m short of the goal I’d set, I’ve committed to shoot with Nettie on Sunday.

I’ve been scrimping and saving… to hang an exhibition, next January, and to buy a Minolta 35mm rangefinder, or a Canon 40mm STM pancake, next week, instead, if I fall short, I’m going to have to commit those funds to cover the shortfall, if the remaining prints don’t sell.

Hopefully, I’m not being foolish…

This’ll be the last time I ask:

In order to fund the shoot, I am selling exclusive, limited edition archival prints, of a photo that has not yet been made:

Each archival print will be hand-signed and numbered and the photograph will never be printed, again. Each pre-order also allows access to an exclusive proof gallery of every photo from the photoshoot.

At most, there will be nine prints, total. (If someone buys an 11×14, or the 16×20, there will be six prints, total.)

When I reach $300 in pre-orders, the print sale is closed. 

You can support the shoot with a donation through Paypal: here, or by purchasing a print, via the links above.