My 10-year old Microtek ArtixScan 1800f film scanner has died (last night, as I was trying to get a last minute submission off to Nudiezine/Fixation).

It’s maddening that a $1,500 scanner has been crippled by a $20 rubber belt. I’d repair it, but Microtek no longer supports the scanner and they won’t sell me a replacement part.

My only choice is to buy an Epson V700, which I have to do, today (I’m on a deadline for Bunny’s wedding photos).

In order to soften the blow (money is very, very tight – I’m having surgery in October and I have to be able to pay the co-pay), I’m offering a set four 4×4-inch prints for $65. (I’d offer bigger prints, but the quick scans I was able to eke out of the 1800f, before it died, will only print at up to 4×4.) The prints will ship within 1 business day.

This marks their inglorious debut, BTW, as they have never appeared on the interwebs.

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