Look up.

Do you know what that is? That is an album of every digital nude I’ve made over the past 365 days. That’s more than 11,000 images. And there’s 12,000 more from 2010-2012… and that doesn’t include my film work…

This blog only has 1,400 posts… which means there’s a ton of photos you’ve never seen… I’ve been holding back on the really good ones.

Would you like me to post them? Then, do me a favor and click the image below:

If the Kickstarter campaign for Bare: Conversations on Human Art exceeds $1,000 before midnight EDT on Sunday night, in addition to my daily photo post, I will post 1 never-before-seen photograph for every additional $100 that’s pledged. (A photo when it hits $1,000… a photo when it hits $1,100… $1,200… and so on, through the end of the campaign, on August 6th, even if it exceeds the goal amount).

Though backing the project is the most direct way to help me meet my goal, you can help out, in other ways, if you can’t spare the cash:

As always, please visit for more information about the exhibition.

Let’s try this one more time – if everyone who followed me gave $1, we’d more than meet the goal.